Dos Navigator Open Source Project support page

This is a support page of the Dos Navigator Open Source Project . You can find the most recent patches and current builds here. Probably i havn't all patches for the current DN OSP - you have to check other DN-oriented sites from 'Links' section.

How to get DN working

1. Download one of the binaries pack (realmode or DPMI).
2. Download one of the resources pack (russian, english, hungarian).
3. DN/DPMI users must download NEW RTM DOS extender (dated 2005.11.21). You may try an original (dated 1994.11.21) version of RTM DOS extender it a new one halts your computer.
4. Download DnError version 2.62 - DN.ERR to DN2SEND.ERR file converter. I do NOT accept DN.ERR files in the bugreports. Please send DN2SEND.ERR files only!
5. Unarchive all archives to the same folder.

Configuration files can be incompatible with old ones, so it would be great to delete DN.CFG, DN.DSK, *.INI from DN's folder.